A1 Quality Safes Digital Electronic Hotel Wall Safes

Hotel residential safes replaces cement block in concrete construction. The A1QW38EM is the same depth as a cement block and fits into a block wall. Bolts secure the safe from the inside directly into the concrete. A flush front door allows total concealment behind wall board or picture.


  • Low battery warning
  • High security manual overide key
  • Easy to conceal behind a picture
  • 1 / 9 Volt battery included
  • Motorized chrome plated locking bolts
  • Guest enters own code each time and hotel master code option
  • Memorable numbers evan without batteries.
  • Electionic unlocking system with double automatically motorized bolt driving.
  • Steel hinge allows a full opening of the door.
  • Lifetime powder coated finish.
  • Electronic unlocking system shown by a series of LED display and buzzer feedback for each operation.
  • Electronic Lock which is easy to operate and can be programmed with any combination of 4 to 10 personal numbers.


  • External (H x W x D): 10" x 16" x 8"
  • External (H x W x D): 250 mm x 400 mm x 195 mm
  • Internal (H x W x D): 230 mm x 380 mm x 145 mm
  • Steel Thickness: 6mm door, 2mm body
A1 Quality Safes Digital Electronic Hotel Wall Safes
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  • Item #: A1QW38EM
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