Abus 03022 4.5' Magnum Chain with 37 / 60


  • 11mm Hexagonal design resists bolt cutters
  • Covered in a durable nylon casing
  • Very high level of protection against theft for valuable motorbikes and scooters
  • Recommended by insurance companies and the police
  • Fits the ends of the chain into each other and pass through the padlock shackle
  • Specially hardened 11-mm six-cornered chain
  • ABUS Plus cylinder with high level of protection against attempted manipulation of the cylinder
  • Easily transported under the seat, as the chain can be folded compactly
  • Part number #03022, shown here, is for the chain along with the 37/60 lock, however, this chain is also available alone (part #03111) or with the 37 Quick Yellow lock (part #03079)
Abus 03022 4 1 / 2' Magnum Chain with 37 / 60
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  • Item #: AL-3022
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