Abus 03152 Take-Away


  • Cargo and lock holder in one
  • Holds 22 pounds
  • Collar spaces for different sizes
  • Ideal for bicycles

Where to use it:

  • Lock-carrier combination for mountain bikes and off-roaders
  • Protection against theft of two-wheelers + ease of transportation
  • Lock serves to secure bicycles with a normal risk of theft

How it works:

  • Carrier combination can be easily and quickly attached to saddle support tubes measuring 25.4 - 32 mm in diameter
  • Can also be used as a luggage carrier without lock
  • Lock two-wheeler to a fixed object


  • Lock with hardened steel shackle and stylish carbon look
  • Double ball locking
  • Carrier holder with splash guard, rear reflector and stretchable rubber
  • Secure transportation of luggage weighing up to 10kg
Abus 03152 Take-Away
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  • Item #: AL-3152
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