Abus 1050 / 170 Steel-O-Flex Granit X-Plus Bicycle Lock

A tough chunk of security


  • Recommended for two-wheelers with a high risk of theft
  • Attach two-wheeler to a fixed object (e.g. lamppost, Road sign, Fence)
  • 25 mm hardened steel shells protect the inner steel cable
  • Very flexible, Top secure Steel-O-Flex, can be folded for easy transportation
  • New type patented locking system with extra high pulling resistance
  • ABUS-X-Plus locking system with top protection against picking attacks, The hardened steel case secures against mechanical attacks, E.g. drilling, Pulling, Bolt cutter
  • UGH 02: Carrier for the luggage carrier that can be fixed at carrier struts of 5 - 16.5 mm, Flexible for all U-Shackle locks and heavy Steel-O-Flex
  • RB 95: Frame fixing - Multipurpose 3-Point-Carrier, Easy fitting by a new fixing line


  • Measurements*: 25 mm / 170 cm
  • Weight g: 3740
  • EAN Code: 4003318286285

* Cable diameter/Cable length

Abus 1050 / 170 Steel-O-Flex Granit X-Plus Bicycle Lock
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  • Item #: AL-1050-170
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