Abus 37 / 55 Granit Padlocks

Recommended for objects with a high risk of theft (storerooms, containers, lorries, etc.)


  • Lock and unlock with a key
  • Key Retaining: a key is needed for locking, lock retains key until locked
  • ABUS-Plus disk cylinder, highest protection against manipulation, 250,000 key differs
  • Shackle and body made from hardened alloy steel
  • RK: Cylinder can be re-keyed to match an existing key
  • S & S + RK: Body an shackle coated for optimum inner and outer corrosion protection


  • Width/Depth/Height in mm: 63x31x85
  • Shackle Ø mm: 11
  • Level: 9
Abus 37 / 55 Granit Padlocks
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  • Item #: AL-37-55
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