Depository Safe F-3020DD/KK B-Rate Safes and Utility Chests


  • Heavy Duty Construction – Body is solid plate steel construction with a 1/2” solid plate
  • steel door.
  • Front-Loading Access – Depositories have a smooth mailbox type mechanism which allows for under counter placement of the safe.
  • Fish-Resistant – International depository safes incorporate an anti-fish baffle to deter a common method of theft where employees and burglars attempt to ”fish” the safe contents through the deposit drawer.
  • Bolt Detent - When the safe door is opened, the chromeplated bolts remain retracted inside the door to prevent damage to the bolts as the door is closed.
  • Auto Lock Feature – When the door is fully closed, the locking bolts automatically extend in the safe body, locking the door.
  • Standard Locking Devices – UL-listed Group II combination locks and single or double nose keylocks are the standard choices for Cash Management safes. All locks are protected by a drill-resistant hardplate.
  • Relocker – All locking mechanisms are equipped with a spring-loaded device that disables the safe during a forced entry.
  • Anchor Holes – For extra security, each safe has a minimum of two built-in anchor holes for bolting the safe to the floor.


  • Interior Dimensions(H x W x D): 30 x 20 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 260 lbs
Depository Safe F-3020DD/KK B-Rate Safes and Utility Chests
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  • Item #: F-3020DD/KK
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