Master Lock 8155DPF Cable Lock

Keyed Different; 6' (1.8m), 5/8" (15mm) diameter cable; Series Packaging.


  • Ideal for bicycles, skateboards, and sports equipment
  • Integrated keyed locking mechanisms for strong pick resistance
  • Flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance
  • Protective coating helps prevent scratching


  • Shelf Pack Quantity: n/a
  • Master Carton Quantity: 4
  • Cable/Chain Length: 72" (6')
  • Outside Diameter of Cable/Chain: 5/8"
  • Cable/Chain Length Metric: 1.8m
  • Outside Diameter of Cable/Chain Metric: 15mm
Master Lock 8155DPF Cable Lock
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  • Item #: ML-8155DPF
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