Stack-On Safes Strong Box Quick Access Electronic Lock Safe

Stack-On Safes Strong Box Low Profile Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock

Storing your valuables is one thing, but hiding them is a completely different thing altogether. Being able to keep a low profile is important in order to hide your valuables as efficiently as possible. The Stack-On Low Profile Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock allows you to do just that and more. Featuring a portable slimline design with a removable mounting plate, this safe keeps your assets secure and well hidden. The included bolt-down mounting plate system allows you to carry the safe to another location and affix it to lockers, a car trunk and more. The electronic lock provides increased security while the trouble key override allows you to access your items in case of an emergency. A solid steel, pry resistant door and an extra thick steel locking plate prevents forced entry. With these features and more, the Low Profile Quick Access Safe proves that the only thing better than a sturdy safe is a hidden one.

This category of safes provides hand gun and valuables security in various sizes and price points. Our Personal Safes include plate steel construction with electronic locks in a variety of sizes from small safes that can fit into a night stand to a safe that is mounted into the wall. A key backup system is also included. We now also offer safes that can accommodate lap top computers which are great for college students and can be stored in the trunk of your car to provide an extra layer of protection. Stack-On's Quick Access Safes are easy to operate safes that will provide instant access to individuals with the correct entry code. There are several different sizes to choose from, each with their own unique features.

  • Lock Protection
  • Electronic lock can easily be programmed by the user with a Safety Key override
  • Beeps can be turned on and off
  • Bolt-Down Capability
  • Safe has pre-drilled holes for mounting to the floor, shelf or wall with the locking plate
  • Holes have also been included in the top for mounting under the bed or in a locker
  • Safe can be mounted in the trunk of a car and then moved to a different location in the house or pistol range
  • Fastening hardware is included
  • Slim line Personal Safe with a removable mounting plate
  • Solid steel, pry resistant steel door with an extra thick, steel locking plate provides added security
  • Mounting plate can be affixed to a location and the safe can be secured to the mounting plate or removed by accessing a bolt inside the safe
  • Dimensions: 9-7/8"W x 13"D x 4-1/4"H
  • Internal Body Size (not including door): 9-25/32"W x 11-7/8"D x 3-27/32"H.
Stack-On Safes Strong Box Quick Access Electronic Lock Safe
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