Wooden Mallet AC12-FS Display Wall Rack - 12 Pocket

Display literature, brochures, and magazines in these beautiful displays. These racks were specifically designed to hold your literature up straight without having the corners of your literature curl over. The combination of clear corner supports and curved and tilted faces keep even light single sheet literature standing straight. The overlapping design allows for more pockets in a smaller space. These displays are constructed with solid oak sides and clear acrylic shelves. Each pockets measure 9" wide. Optional removable dividers are available to use when displaying 4" brochures. The removable dividers give your the versatility to display as many 4" brochures as you need, in which ever location you prefer, and they can easily be changed to adjust for your future needs. All racks include wall mounting hardware.


  • Dimension (Rack): 21 1/4W x 64H x 14D inches
  • Weight (Rack): 20 lbs.
  • Dimension (Inside Pocket): 9 1/2W x 3/4D inches
  • Dimension Box 1 (Shipping Carton): 53L x 24W x 7D inches
  • Weight Box 1 (Shipping Carton): 29 lbs.
  • Dim Weight (Box 1): 46 lbs
  • Cubes (Box 1): 5.2
  • Frt. Class (Box 1): 125
  • Dimension Box 2 (Shipping Carton): 49L x 16W x 3D inches
  • Weight Box 2 (Shipping Carton): 12 lbs.
  • Dim Weight (Box 2): 13 lbs
  • Cubes (Box 2): 1.4
  • Frt. Class (Box 2): 125
  • Size: 2W" x 6H"
  • Ships in 2 boxes

Universal Product Identifiers:

  • Brand: Wooden Mallet
  • Part Number: AC12-FS
Wooden Mallet AC12-FS Display Wall Rack - 12 Pocket with Oak Floor Stand
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  • Item #: AC12-FS
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